Thursday, May 11, 2017

   RTM is a 6 month long, Christ-centered life restoration program.  The men who complete the 6 months are given up to $4,500 (see program details for more information).  This is money they've earned from working that the ministry has saved for them to facilitate a new beginning.
   There isn't a rehabilitative program in Texas like this one.  We build their moral and spiritual character, develop work skills in them, and prepare them for successful, post graduate living.
   Please pray for Restore Texas Ministries. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

   It is a privilege to be of assistance to Restore Texas Ministries. The leadership of this unique ministry is focused on helping men develop skill sets that will not only build their moral character, but also strengthen their chances for future success in life.
   As the Public Relations Coordinator, I get to see the inner workings of RTM, and report to the public its intriguing design.  The men who reside here are grateful to have a second chance to get life right, and you can see their thankfulness in the way they treat the staff.
   It's a honor to serve these men, to love them, and to witness their spiritual growth!  God is working in their lives in powerful ways, and we have front row seats!
   To affect the life of a person is to change the world, by one! Imagine if every one of us would just invest in the life of just one other person... And that essentially epitomizes the ministry efforts of Restore Texas Ministries.
   Monte Robinson's vision several years ago has now begun to take shape before our very eyes, and we thank God for it.
   Get involved in this ministry today...
Join me in loving these men, and playing a part in reshaping the world around us.
Until next time... Go Hard 4 Christ.